About us

The House Journey Story

Welcome to House Journey, where each item tells a story, and every story is woven into the fabric of our family-run business.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Tweed, House Journey began as the brainchild of Alex (Alexander to some), with a simple yet captivating vision of selling candles and salt lamps. However, this vision soon blossomed into something more when Teresa, his mother, playfully hijacked the website. She introduced a delightful range of décor and, in March 2021, a temporary platform for her cherished vintage bone china.

Meet the Team:

Alex - The Founder & Tech Wizard
Alex is the mastermind behind our sleek website, ensuring everything runs smoothly. He's your go-to guy on live chat and the savior who fixes the website hiccups, often Teresa's creative contributions! Outside House Journey, is a keen gardener and proud owner of three quirky cats, he also dabbles in website development as a side gig.

Teresa - The Vintage Virtuoso
Ever wondered about the dynamics between Alex and Teresa? Yes, she's the MOTHER who lovingly disrupted Alex's initial vision. Teresa's fascination with bone china began in the early '90s, evolving into a sprawling collection and now, a vital part of House Journey. When not curating china and décor, she's a sought-after consultant in tourism and events, with a knack for winning gold at state tourism awards. Her gardening skills? Let's just say they're a work in progress, much to Alex's dismay.

Alexis - The Quiet Connoisseur
Alexis, the quieter one in the family, shares Teresa's passion for bone china. Although she keeps a low profile, her competitive spirit shines in the monthly sales competitions with Teresa. What Alexis does in her "busy" times remains a charming mystery to us all.

Jamie - The Gentle Giant
Jamie, our newest addition, is the beloved giraffe of the family, managing décor stock with unmatched care. His gentle nature extends beyond House Journey, as he dedicates his time to caring for the elderly. Not a tech aficionado, but he's quickly becoming a whiz!

Aunty D - The Fairy Godmother
Aunty D, our very own Fairy Godmother, is the soul of our operations. Her presence brings a touch of magic, ensuring everyone's well-being while mastering the art of quality control. Her love for vintage Royal Albert is so profound that she insists on sipping her tea exclusively from these elegant pieces, even on her travels!

We are proudly

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    Experience personalised service at House Journey, where our family-led team offers tailored support and expert advice for a unique and satisfying shopping journey.

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    Maximise your shopping experience with our rewarding loyalty program: earn 1 point for every dollar spent and redeem them at checkout for instant discounts on your next purchases.

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    Enjoy fast, reliable shipping across Australia with House Journey, ensuring your selections arrive promptly and securely, no matter where you are.

Our Philosophy

At House Journey, we're more than just a store. We're a symphony of unique talents, eccentricities, and a shared love for the extraordinary. Our mission is to bring you a carefully curated collection that not only enhances your space but also tells a story - your story. From Alex's tech genius to Teresa's vintage finesse, from Jamie's meticulous packing to Alexis's quiet diligence, and Aunty D's charming quirks, we all play a part in this journey.

Join us at House Journey, where every item isn't just a purchase, it's a piece of our family's heart, shared with you.