10 Ways To Get The Vibes Flowing


We’re all for creating good energy and good vibes in the home—it’s a place that you’re probably spending a lot of time, especially during the winter months, and more so with the cluster that is 2020. So why not make it a bit of a sanctuary…

A place you can relax and enjoy with a glass of vino after a long day’s work?

Sounds heavenly right? 

Here are 10 easy tips to create good vibrations in the home. 

#1 Burn Sage

Have you ever seen those crazy hippies who walk around people’s houses with a sage stick? Well, now we’re telling you to be one of them. Sage is known to invite good energy and positivity into your home and it’ll clear any bad vibes you have hanging around your home. Beware: hippie levels =100. 

#2 Clear The Clutter

Get rid of things in your home that no longer serve you. Think about when you have a messy desk at work, which results in a cluttered mind. Much like your workspace, keep your home clear of clutter to create your sanctuary. 

#3 Get A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt is the purest salt you can purchase and, having this in a lamp form, will cleanse your home and deodorise the air. It also reduces allergy & asthma symptoms, increases energy levels and improves your mood and concentration. We sell those, in case you were wondering ;)

#4 Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils can aid in cleansing your home, helping you feel light and uplifted. Add a few drops to a diffuser or spray and spritz it around your home. You can even add it to unscented cleaning products, and if you do that, do try Lemongrass.

#5 Place Plants In Every Room

Plants have an incredible way of bringing positive vibrations into your home. Being amongst nature is known to improve mental health and wellbeing. Some plants will even help you sleep, getting more oxygen in the room and improving air quality. 

#6 Get Some Crystals

Ok, so this is another high hippie level for bringing in good vibrations, but we’re all for trying something new. Using crystals for healing and positivity dates back to ancient times, as worn by the Greeks and used in Chinese medicine. 

#7 Burn Candles

Candles always create a delicious, warm feeling in the home, and are perfect to burn when entertaining guests. Ensure you have a range of different scents to suit your mood and season.

#8 Create A Relaxation Space

Create a space in your home that oozes relaxation that can be considered your meditative space. We recommend selecting a space that is filled with natural sunlight and windows or doors to let fresh air in. It can be your go-to spot when you’re feeling blue, want to practise yoga, read a book, or meditate. 

#9 Add colour

Add pops of colour to your home that will positively affect your mood. Everyone can have different reactions to different colours, so find out what colours bring you positive vibes. As a general guide, yellow can be energising and uplifting, with blue being calming and serene and green promoting comfort and growth. 

#10 Hang Up Some Art

Art can be very visually pleasing on the eye—start visiting art gallery’s to find out what type of art you are drawn to. Then you can either invest in a masterpiece or even try painting something yourself. 

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