Cote Noire Grand Black Art Deco Candle - French Morning Tea

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Cote Noire Grand Black Art Deco Candle - French Morning Tea

A sweet collaboration between a French and English interior design company developed a new and exciting range of fragrances known as Cote Noire around the world and we are excited to offer this range to you.

The candles are handcrafted using 100% natural Ecoluxe blends of New Zealand beeswax, Thai coconut wax and American soy wax. Ecoluxe-wax is completely natural, biodegradable and renewable.

By blending these beautiful waxes together, your candle will burn cleanly and evenly, optimising the full-bodied fragrance release even when unlit, evoking sophistication and style.

The beautiful limited edition large grand art deco candle comes in an elegant art deco style canister that is so exquisite and such high quality it is sure to be a statement piece! The black canister is decorated with gold trim. 


  • Designed in France
  • The candle is made with a blend of natural Ecoluxe-wax
  • Two wicks for even burning
  • French Morning Tea fragrance
  • The candle is held in an elegant art deco glass canister
  • The gold-toned features
  • Weight - approx. 500g
  • Decorative Tassel
  • 5ml perfume spray for the Tassel
  • 100 hours burn time
  • Candle dimensions - 17.5cm (h) x 10.5cm (w)

Meausurements are approximate


Fragrance: French Morning Tea / The du Matin Francais

Morning tea is a gilded salon. This wonderful fragrance combines the top notes of black tea, middle notes of cedar and cut grass with base notes of soft amber and oriental lily. 

Beautiful Limited-Edition candles use natural blended Ecoluxe-wax combined with full-bodied fragrances evokes an era of sophistication and style. 

These Art Deco candles come in a decorative glass adorned with an elegant Côte Noire gift box. They also include a decorative tassel and a 5ml perfume spray to fragrance the tassel. This candle will burn for 100 hours. 

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