Cote Noire English Roses Ivory White

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Cote Noire English Roses Ivory White

A sweet collaboration between a French and English interior design company developed a new and exciting range of fragrances known as Cote Noire around the world and we are excited to offer you this range.

The stunning life-like arrangement of premium white roses has been handcrafted and finished with a natural coating to make each petal stand out. Each flower has been carefully placed in a pink glass herringbone jar and set with a clear water appearance gel, keeping the flowers in place.

The arrangement comes with two 10ml atomiser scents to spray directly onto the flowers to further intensify the fragrance.



  • Designed in France.
  • Handcrafted from synthetic materials.
  • Flowers have a soft floral scent.
  • The natural coating gives the petals a natural feel.
  • Clear vase with gel, infused with fragrance.
  • Silver Cote Noire crest on the vase.
  • 10ml atomiser in Rose Oud scent.
  • 10ml atomiser in Pink Peony scent.
  • Vase 25cm x 22cm.
  • With flowers: 25cm.
  • Presented in the crested Cote Noire gift box.


Care Instructions:

  • Petals can fade/yellow over time. To avoid fading keep away from sunlight.
  • Spraying petals weekly with water will keep them soft and life-like - do not pour water directly on the arrangement.
  • Clean the flowers lightly with a damp cloth and mild detergent - air dry.
  • Indoor use only.

Meausurements are approximate


FragrancePink Peonies and Rose Oud

Pink Peonies - fresh and sparkling summer rose with notes of moss and raspberry leaf.

Rose Oud - rich and powerful. Layers of damask rose combined with deep notes of sandalwood, musk and agarwood to create the Cote Noire iconic Rose Oud perfume.


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