Classic Salt Lamp

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Base: Wood
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 Authentic and responsibly sourced from the Himalayan mountains, this lamp emits a soft glow that instantly creates an intimate and relaxing scene in any room.

Salt lamps have long been known to cleanse the air, reducing fatigue and pollution, improve your concentration, create a tranquil relaxing & serene mood and assisting in protecting you from allergies

When lit, they emit a glowing effect through the medium of salt crystals.

They are great in eliminating mold and mildew or allergens such as pollen, dust and airborne bacteria.

This salt lamp weighs in at 2 to 3kg and includes a 12V bulb. 

Our classic salt lamp is authentic so we recommend placing it on a plate or cover when not in use as the salt may 'weep' excess moisture when not turned on. To clean, simply dab with a damp cloth.

We've recently explored the health benefits of Himalayan salt products, read our blog post here.  



  • Naturally & ethically sourced
  • Each lamp is unique
  • Available in wood or marble bases
  • A classic favourite 


Weight: 2kg

Height: 20cm to 25cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jen Williams
Absolutely love it 💖

I am so happy with my salt lamp! The area where it’s now in was a darker spot but now it’s filled with the most beautiful lighting. I love that it’s such a natural shape and it’s larger then what I thought it would be.

Kelly Knowles
L💗 E my Pink Salt Lamp

I absolutely L💗VE my Pink Salt Lamp!
It brings such beautiful ambiance to my bedroom! ☺️
Ive never been one to be able to sleep with a light on, Ive ALWAYS needed a pitch black room to sleep my entire life, BUT Ive not turned my Salt Lamp off since I brought her home about a month ago! 💕💡
I have MANY Sleep Disorders which have settled since Ive started using my lamp, and hopefully I can report to my Sleep Specialist that they continue to stay this way!
The Salt Lamp creates such a peaceful, relaxing setting for slumber!
I would highly recommend these lamps to EVERYBODY!
Thank you SO much Alex! 🙏🏼


Looks great, good service and advice from Alex, including follow up questions I had. Would recommend

Verified Customer

Arrived quickly. Heavy and big salt stone as expected

Verified Customer

So pretty I don't even use my floor lamp anymore, just having this running all the time. Sets the mood at night

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